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Hidden Gem III: What’s Wrong with Science?

April 2, 2012

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via Hidden Gem III: What’s Wrong with Science?.

More on the issues plaguing science these days, with suggestions on how to shift the incentives.

Tom Hartley (it is his blog I link to:  Thermal Toy) links in a paper from Infection and Immunity – an article about the need to reform the scientific culture.  (Now, reforming a culture is an interesting topic, of course, and I’m not sure how well we understand how this goes about.  This blog post from Why Nations Fail discusses that, but not sure how pertinent for this.  However it is worth thinking about).

One thing it shows is that the issues about how to conduct science is not just within psychology, but extends to many other areas  – some of them where the problems may have much more dire consequences for the public.

Tom also has a short survey towards the bottom of his post to investigate if his readers agree with this.  It is still open (as of Easter Saturday, 2012), so go ahead and answer.  He is well aware of the self-selection bias, of course.

I leave it to the blog-reader to click to see the issues (lest I make too long – didn’t read blog posts).

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