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Publishers, Publishing and Open Access

April 10, 2012

This spring, there were calls for boycotting Elsevier published journals in my twitter-feed, and as this Guardian Article describes, the idea caught fire, with scientists pledging to not review or publish in any of their journals.  One of the main issues here is access, and free access at that.  The published research is paid for mainly by taxpayer money, and peer review is done pro-bono, yet universities have to pay steep fees to have access to the journals, as does anyone outside the university system. There is a call for more Open Access.

The article lays out the issues quite well, with a great deal of links.

In a related article, Guardian reports how funders (in this case Wellcome Trust) are now requiring results to be published in open access journals.  I believe the Kurt and Allice Wallenberg fund have similar requirements here in Sweden. 

Robert Kurzban Weighed in on the Elsevier issue earlier in the year, with a little different take.  Read through, and make sure you read the comments. 

The business model for publishing any kind of creative materials is changing, even for the scientists.

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