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Why we still need something like peer review (and trust).

May 22, 2012

Cozma Shalizi of Three Toed Sloth first mentions that Larry  Wasserman is talking about doing away with Peer Review (Cozma said go read it – I helped a bit with going down his linktrail to get to Larry’s blog), and then proceeds to discuss why he thinks we can’t really do away with it, because Peer review, with all its flaws, still fills a function.

I think this is my favorite sentence: ” If I need some result from neuroscience, or for that matter from topology, I do not have the time to spend becoming a neuroscientist or topologist, and it is an immense benefit to have institutions I can trust to tell me “these claims about cortical columns, or locally compact Hausdorff spaces, are at least not crazy”.

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