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End of the University as we know it?

May 28, 2012

Mark Changizi has his own research institute (as I have blogged about).  And, here is another extra-academy venture, the Ronin institute for wayward academics. For that oversupply of highly educated brains that there are not enough tenure track (or adjunct positions for).  Maybe the university is no longer the best place for research.

And, speaking of the universities, how about the teaching?  Here’s a Bloomberg article on the coming of online education. If I remember right, Tyler Cowen thinks this will be the way of the future, whereas Bryan Caplan still thinks the signaling value of a college education will dominate.  (That is, a college degree as a peacocks tail).  We’ll see.  I participated in an excellent one (Model Thinking) in my spare time this spring.  (OK, so I have yet to finish it, but I don’t exactly need more credentials).  And, ignored another one (game theory) which probably was kinda good, but lecturers were not as engaging as Scott Page.


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