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21st Floor, science Wiki

May 30, 2012

Much is about open access these days (in my little corner of the universe anyway).  But, I’ve written (and linked) before about how open access doesn’t mean the same thing as truly accessible.  There is a point to scientific jargon.  It saves time for those who need to read up on it.  For the rest, it is kind of that old joke about the pirates who would say something like “21” and everybody would roar laughing (because they knew the joke that 21 represented.  See, isn’t it good I’m not comedian). 

In comes the 21st floor, a Science Wiki.  Introduction is here.  Wiki itself here. Write a short readable summary of either research that you find interesting, or your own (which, of cousre, it is understood is interesting.  Right?)

  Communicate to the rest of us. 

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