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Get a Wife, or a Husband, or a housekeeper, or something

September 17, 2012

When you get to do interesting, or prestige filled work, you know, work you don’t want to escape from after 8 hours of drudge, the hours…kind of run away from you.  And, it becomes this red queen thing.  So, how to deal?  (Of course, one could say, no more, none of this craziness, you hire someone to do the administration so I can focus on research and education).  One could stay single, childless, or, well, get a wife.  Or a husband who is not doing the same thing and minding the children.  Or something in between.  This is an interesting post, with an interesting discussion from Athene Donald.


(Evidently the word interesting got primed, and I repeated it to the point of neuronal exhaustion.  Heh).

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