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Replication, again.

September 17, 2012

The work on fixing science is continuing from the grassrots, and bloggers, and journalists, and scientists themselves, of cousre, most of whom do science because it is awsome (though glory wouldn’t hurt…)

Here’s Chris Chambers and Petroc Sumner on replication (with a set of on occasion defensive responses in the commentaries – CC classified them in his twitter stream).


Alok Jah writes here on Fraud, with a nice picture of Diederik Stapel (of the tons of articles based on made up data fame). 


Both articles are in the guardian.  Brian Nosek pointed to them in the e-mail stream for the Open Science replicability project, plus, of course, linked to by numerous tweet friends.  This is important.


I had the pleasure of meeting our very first international masters students in my Philosophy/Theory of science intro course, and I told them about the replicability project.  They all thought it sounded great (and it is).  I need to spend some time getting my head around the specifics, and then maybe we can enroll Lund in this too.

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