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Is science too big?

September 18, 2012

Björn Brembs asks in his blog, “is the scientific enterprise too big?”  What he discusses is the metrics we use to evaluate science good or good enough.  Conclusion is being, no, not at all, and they open up for gaming.  I teach a course on persuasion, and, yes, signatures that (at one point) may have been correlated with quality can be usurped.  (Oh, what the hell, all based on Cialdini’s influence.  Well worth a read). 

Björn also concludes that, well, to know if science is good, one must understand it.  I agree, of course, but how far outside ones own area can one understand?

One need tools, of cousre, like the Voytek’s tools (which I have linked below), or perhaps this hack tool, also linked in by Björn.  They claim it might make browsing 20000 abstracts fun.

(Me, I can’t wait for the singularity, so it all can be merged in my mind-upload.  Wait.  I don’t believe in the singularity).





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