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Collateral damage: What effect do retractions have on scientific funding?

October 30, 2012

From Retraction watch. They discuss a new working paper that has looked at the impact of retraction on nearby papers. I have not read the paper yet, but abstract and RW summary suggests that retractions – especially due to fraud (weak shoulders) has an effect on adjacent papers. Kind of a “behavioral immune response” reaction. Less citations, less work in the field, because one does not want to be associated with the bad retracted work.

So, really, regardless of all those incentives, focus on doing solid work, not fast and flashy work.

Retraction Watch

A new study from a group of Boston-area economists sheds some light on whether retractions have downstream effects on related fields, particularly when it comes to funding. From the abstract of the working paper, called simply “Retractions,” by  Pierre Azoulay, Jeffrey L. Furman, Joshua L. Krieger, and Fiona E. Murray:

We find that scientific misconduct stifle scientists’ pursuit of specific research lines, as we would anticipate if retraction events provide new signals of the fidelity of scientific knowledge. More centrally, our findings show that

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