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Fixing Fraud – YouTube video of conference

November 15, 2012

I saw some tweets about this particular panel, and was very pleased when the stream finally linked in to a you-tube of that particular panel.  Very good points are brought up.  One point I think is particularly important (brought up by Virginia Barbour) is the question of sloppiness. There is also the one from Chris Chambers about the problem of the incentives.  As he so nicely rhetorically puts it, what is the one thing that a scientist should not be able to control in an experiment? And, yet, only particular kinds of outcomes are rewarded.  It incentivises questionable behaviors, and in the extension fraud.

And, he also alerts the funders. You request publications in particular journals to hand out your money, you also encourage questionable practices.

But, go watch!

And, as a chaser, read Mark Changizi’s Crux Post. Try that one in your next grant app….

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