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European association of social psychologist on the Levelt Report. The Good, and the Ugly

December 9, 2012

Jeff Sherman linked in this statement from the EASP taking the Levelt report (the final report on the Stapel affair) to task for blaming it all on Social Psychology. (it is in PDF format – loaded easily enough in a new fire-fox tab for me, but just in case).  A good read. They acknowledge the Good – the thorough work on understanding the nature and the extent of the fraud, which is a massive, but necessary job.  (Well, I would say, possibly not necessary, but excellent that they did. Can we now hear more about, say Hauser?).  But, find the section putting the blame on Social Psychology just Ugly.  Well, as you know, plenty other social psychologists feel just the same.

The issue is broader, and it comes up towards the end, discussing more general issues with how science and publishing is conducted, and that, if they wanted to frame the fraud in something bigger they needed to look beyond this particular field.  A tad… defensive at times.  (But, hey, I understand).

I do think it is important to look at the circumstances and the practices, and some of the practices uncovered were just…embarrasing. But, blaming a single field is a bit, um, convenient, and overlooks more general problems with how science is practice and rewarded.

Plus – you know, Social psychology is also working hard on reforming practices with the reproducibility project.  Don’t forget that!

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  1. Reblogged this on Ambitious Women in the Academic World and commented:

    I keep updating here with the Stapel Saga. Here comes the Eurpean Association of Social Psychologists commenting on their “it is all social psychology’s fault” section. No, they don’t like it either.

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