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Curt Rice on Open Access reforming science – radically

December 11, 2012

One of my favorite pro-rectors (vice presidents of university) has a good post on how Open Access can reform science practices. It echoes some of the other suggestions I have posted earlier.

And, yes, lets get out in the twitter-verse and blogosphere, and discuss things. (Ok, so we already are, but that don’t bring you tenure!)  Go read.  Read the comments also.

(My other favorite pro-rector is here at Lund.  I don’t think he blogs. But, on occasion, he hires a helicopter to impress funders. Successfully, as I understand).

One Comment
  1. Reblogged this on Ambitious Women in the Academic World and commented:

    Curt Rice writes a lot about reforming science. So, I link to his blog every once in a while. This is about open access!

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