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I’m a Scientist with no sense of humor, which, well, may be a good thing.

January 29, 2013

Rolf Zwaan set out to test those cutesy punny titles that people like Stapel, and others (non-cheating) people use to catch the eye of readers.  Gets more attention.  Maybe less confidence in the results, but, perhaps will peek (peak) someones interest.  After all, people did write up Staples Cheaty Results in big places!

Well, turns out that, at least for mechanical turkers, the cute titles were both less interesting, and inspired less confidence.  Phew. At least isn Zwaans preliminary self-published test. I can go back doing descriptive and dull titles.

(Really, after years of scanning titles, those are the ones I like.  Tell me what it is about so I know whether I should spend time reading it. )





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