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Don’t distort the reporting.

February 14, 2013

Interesting commentary by Daniele Fanelli, in Nature. He calls for redefining misconduct as distorted reporting. Again, focusing on the researchers. Jelte Wicherts (who you may know form the symposium) added an interesting comment also.

What I’m thinking of is the systemic issue which was briefly touched at the meeting, but which has been discussed at the open science network mail-site, is the role of journals and editors (and journal space) in the distortion.  Not to cast blame, because I think we are all good lab-rats, but there have been suggestions from editors about changing reporting (even, as I’ve mentioned, removing some experiments), with aims like space, readability, and clarity as aims that, well, kind of are reasonable. But, it indicates that the authors, the researchers, are not the only arbiters in this.

How will this change? Space is, in some ways, no longer a problem. But, cognitive space and attention spans, and lived time still are.

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