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Some links to articles dealing with the (hopeful) changes.

March 2, 2013

The first one, from Pacific Standard, discusses the reproducibility project. Brian Nosek originally sent that through the open science e-mail, and commented that he is not really as doom and gloom as the end of it suggests.

This Guardian article by Keith Laws discusses what to do to change reproducibility (and that dull verification stuff) into something that is better rewarded than the racy novel stuff. Also, mentions they are launching BMC psychology, which will publish studies that (via peer review) are judged as sound, but with less emphasis on whether the magical p value is reached (from my understanding). More emphasis on method, less on results, which is how it ought to be.

Frontiers and Nature are getting allied to provide more open science! Yay. I link in the Frontiers announcement.

Finally, a blog post from Rolf Zwan suggestions for how to be good comrades in the coming New Order – given we want the revolution we say we want.


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