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A hen out of a feather

March 30, 2013

I live just across the sound from Denmark. Every summer, my kids pester me to take them to Tivoli (which I introduced them to one early day in June, when my youngest was 5 months, the middle barely 3 and my oldest 5), and sometimes I indulge them. One of the rides is a ride where you pass through vignettes of HC Andersen stories. The ugly duckling and the little mermaid (so much more poignant and sad than the Disney version) are possibly his more wellknown stories, but there is also one on gossip, turning  a feather into a hen.

I blogged a couple of days ago on Dorothy Bishops discussion of a low powered paper on gaming and dyslexia. I linked then to her discussion, but here is the initial blog-commentary that she made.

Today, in my twitter-stream, one of the people I follow linked in this story from LA times. The headline:” Study: A day of video games tops a year of therapy for dyslexic readers.” That is a lot to make out of one small study.

I responded to the tweeter (I won’t identify, as I am the sensitive kind, although he kindly re-tweeted the link – If  you want to be identified, just flag me. I can be so horribly embarrassed if I’m wrong myself that I project…), linking in Dorothy B’s blog, and flagging her too.

But, this is something we do have to contend with, and deal with. LA times is likely read by a lot more people than Dorothy’s blog (wild conjecture, I know, but I would be willing to put some money on that), and especially by people who struggle with either being dyslexic, or having kids with dyslexia. What hope it gives that playing games may be more efficient. That is a lot of potential disappointment to be responsible for.

(Hey, I’d love it if gaming turned out to do really good things for you, besides just being fun, considering how much I indulge my kids in this. Then, again, I think there is value in having fun. Which is why I stuffed skylanders in my kids easter eggs, to their awed joy).

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