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Stapel survey

April 3, 2013

Yana Avramova, Marijn Meijers and Marret Noordewier conducted a survey among social psychologists about the fallout of the Stapel case. Here are the results. (Would be nice to see how much trust it generally is in other fields. Many HT – Ed Yong, Jelte Wicherts, Keith Laws.

On edit: Rolf Zwaan pointed out that the three authors of the survey are former students of Stapel. So, this is very personal for them. I really feel for them.


  1. Just a note of caution, I think they are former collaborators of Stapel. The questionnaire seems mostly targeted at finding out the field’s perceptions of Stapel’s collaborations. I find this a little curious. That said, I strongly feel for the co-authors, having seen the effects of the Smeesters case on some of his collaborators. I very much hope that all collaborators will be treated fairly.

  2. C. Sense permalink

    To me this is perhaps a great example of how important rules and systems are. I mean, if phd students would have been educated well enough to know that it might be important to collect your own data or if checklists (or some other control system) would have existed that made sure these phd students would check the data, perhaps these things could have been avoided. The same goes for the collaborations perhaps.

    To me, the real issue is a lack of rules and systems and people and institutions not seeing why this might be so important, if only to protect young researchers or collaborators (like in the Stapel case) or provide a basis for trust and validity other than merely saying ‘you just have to trust me’.

  3. C. Sense permalink

    Perhaps an indication of the poor state of the field of psychological science is the observation that systems and rules like pre-registration, adequate power and data-repository are not mandatory, while APA publication guidelines concerning super important stuff like when to use single or double quotation marks in your paper are…

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