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Power failure

April 10, 2013

EVERYBODY in my twitter stream is abuzz with this article on low-power in neuroscience, and the accompanying Ed Yong blogpost  explaining it for the non-neuroscientist. With nice Scotty touch there, for us Trekkies. So, I’ll just join in with the shouting Power failure, Power failure Power failure.

There is something Drama over it. Field after field, low power. Will we keep the ship afloat? (Never mind me, I’m advising more projects than I have fingers, and my brain is powering down).


On edit: Wanted to add links to some other blogs/discussions. The first is Matt Wall’s commentary, with a really nice discussion going on in the thread. Matt does fMRI, so he has first hand experience with the research and its challgenges, which is a plus.ri

Next is Christian Jarrett who always give good psych commentary in his research digest blog.

And, Kate Button, the first author, is also commenting.


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