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Priming – the defense, and the questioning.

April 25, 2013

David Shanks is very skeptical about priming and un-conscious/sub-conscious forces pushing us around as so many pieces of pollen in a drop-of water, as I’ve reported before. He has some data to back it up.

Today, Matt Craddock tweeted in this reply from Ap Dijsterhuis, where he defends priming of intelligence (that is the one Shanks critiques in the video I linked in). Well worth a read since it is a detailed critique of Shanks work.

And, meanwhile, Rolf Zwaan is looking at priming on his blog. Well worth following.

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  1. for science! permalink

    Maybe Shanks et al. and Dijksterhuis et al. agree more than they realise:

    Shanks: “It is never possible to recreate exactly the conditions of previous experiments but if intelligence priming effects are as important as some claim them to be (and as large), then they ought to withstand minor variations in procedure, otherwise we have little prospect of understanding their basis and it is unclear why they should be afforded substantial theoretical significance. From the perspective of the cognitive priming literature, in which such effects tend to be very narrow and context-specific, the absence of an effect in the present studies is entirely unsurprising”

    Dijksterhuis: “Numerous priming researchers could have told the Shanks team that, like most experimental research in psychology, behavioral priming research generally requires sufficiently controlled experimental procedures and measurements. They could have told the Shanks team that behavioral priming is ideally done in cubicles, and that the circumstances under which the data of Experiments 1 and 2 were collected are really far from ideal for almost any type of social cognition research.”

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