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Whistle-blowing – not playing the social game.

April 25, 2013

I’ve had this blog-post from Robert Triver’s blog open in one of my tabs for a while. It is about him, whistle-blowing about, what he alleges (and I believe him) is fraudulent results about a project he was involved in. And, what happens when you claim fraud. It is not pretty.

No wonder people get away with it for so long. Trivers has stature- often those in the know are very low on the totem-pole, and will be sacrificed.

The case is about a Nature paper where there were claims of symmetry and dancing prowess – a very evolutionary psych notion, and sounds interesting. Except, there seems to have been some cherry picking and problems with it that are just not Kosher. (I had actually heard about that also, but not to this extent).

Ivan Oransky tweeted in this study today showing that the connection between being virtuous and happy (for example being a good tax payer) is not a given. In countries where it is the norm to cheat, civic virtue does not lead to happiness. No good comes from being good among ruffians. Instead, there is retaliatory punishment.

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