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A good post from Dave Nussbaum on how to think about Fraud and QRP

May 1, 2013

I have three kids, and I’ve spent a lot of time discussing kids and their antics online with likeminded parents. Occasionally, one of them discusses a child that does things like deliberately set off the fire-alarm. The consensus is that those kids do it for attention, and in their book any attention is better than none. The trick, supposedly, is to very studiously avoid giving them attention for behaving badly in order to extinguish it. (I’d rather spend time in solitary confinement than bask in the glare of negative attention, so I have no intuition about this).

And, with this in mind, I’d like Stapel to just go away. And, here, I’m doing just exactly what you shouldn’t do, but, then again, not too many people pay attention to my blog. But, I thought Dave Nussbaum’s post, in light of the recent NYT expose of said ex-professor, very interesting, and it has a good discussion following.

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