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Publishing and plagiarism. Can you submit a paper already on your university’s electronic repository?

June 25, 2013

We have a policy at our university (Lund) that final essays – for bachelors and masters, are published on our essay network, LUP. Just now, one of the professors sent out the following question about this practice:

One of the students did not want to publish her paper, as she hopes to send it in and get it published in a regular Peer Reviewed journal. Her fear is that since papers are available through LUP, and thus could be considered published (albeit not really peer-reviewed), attempts to publish it would be considered plagiarism, as they are already published on LUP. This even went to the librarian, who first thought that this would not be a problem, as the formats are different – well they are not, as we encourage people to write in more or less APA format.

The solution they came up with is that if a journal says “no” because it has already been published through our net, that then we could remove it (thourh some kind of act of the management). Which sounds cumbersome and unnecessary to me.

But, my first thought was of services like Arxive and SSRN, and the practice of Working Papers in Economics. From my understanding, papers can be published, even though they have circulated on these types of archives already.

Anybody have any thoughts?

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