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July 5, 2013

The world ain’t linear! And, psychology most definitely isn’t, yet we insist on the static, and the linear and… Well. It is easier. (Anybody whispered something about keys and lamp-lights?)

And, today, a bit of a conflagration of non-linear resources.

First, Bradley Voytek’s blog on non-linear dynamics.

Then Fred Hasselman linked in this e-book in Frontiers on Fractal Analysis. May be worth the 10 euro. (Incidentally, I really like Fred’s Blog, A structural realist’s guide to the universe and I think you should too).

The Santa Fe Institute’s first MOOC on complexity also just finished (I signed up, but, heck, as a full-time lecturer, no possibility to actually partake. Of course, i don’t need the credits. I just want the knowledge. I’ll see if I can review the videos this summer, she said optimistically)

I’ve also been reading some Anne Fausto-Sterling on the emergence of gender (sexing the baby pt 1 and 2 in that link of her pubs, but others will work too). She takes a dynamical systems view of how gender emerges from interaction of biology and environment (and it really is a systems view, so I kind of cringe now when I write biology and environment as separates).

And, of course, finally looking through Thelen & Smith’s “A dynamic systems approach to the development of cognition and action

I’m more interested in the dynamics of emotion, on which there is a little tiny bit, but which is really needed much more. (But, I have some papers to read this summer, once I’ve done some writing).

For that, here’s a Lorenz attractor!



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