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Long time, No see

October 5, 2013

My blogs have been lonely. I’ve been pulled away from updating by my paying job. I’m teaching both theory of science and evolutionary science this fall, both courses very new, and both outside my training (but within my interest). I just experienced a lovely one hour instructing people about the logic behind, and the construction of the IAT, and RT measures in general, basically off the cuff, and wondered why I insist on teaching in areas where I don’t have lots of expertise. But, of course, it is fun (although exhausting). I got into this mess because I’m curious.

Also, I got invited to be a core member of a new blog connected to the Open Science Project. How could I say no?

Of course, I promptly got covered under perp-work (and, well, actually an original article), and have only been able to contribute marginally in the planning.  For example, I had no time to write an original post for the launch (it is still languishing in my “blog” folder).

But, launch we did, just the other day.  Here is the inaugural post by Denny Boorsboim.

And, I managed to get in a quickie – prompted by the Science sting on OA journals, and a long lab session with my very independent masters-students allowing me some time to write.

I’m very excited about this. It is a good crowd, and another venue of getting the word of Open Science, and Robust Science out.

I’ll still blog here and at my sister blog. Not everything I write about is a good fit for OSC, especially when I get into reviews or musings that have more to do with my own research interests. Now when I hope my duties are becoming less pressing and time-consuming, I have a ton of interesting links that I want to share.

But, please come and visit our new blog. I think exciting things will come out of it.

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