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Damn it feels good to be an Academic

November 23, 2013

The other day, I posted (on my other blog) a kind of darwininan analysis of the scientists predicament – too many scientists, struggle for survival ensues (the aim of science may suffer).

Today, I had this wonderful piece tweeted in – I think the first one was Kate Clancy – Alexandre Alfonso on how Academia resembles a drug gang. An inspiration for him was a chapter in Freakonomics where they discuss what is the allure of being invovled in drugs, rather than, say, flipping burgers. I’ve read that too, and that was also among the background thoughts in my own rambling piece, though I think the comparison with arts and science (as something that will eventually be divided into the celebrated and the unpaid amateurs) was something I first got from my mentor Charles

The gang analogy isn’t new. I tweeted in this piece by Thomas Scheff about a week ago. (In a slightly different format. I found it on my own blog actually – my memory, it aint what it used to be. Or, possibly, now with the net, I can find out how it actually is).

Must be something in the air – or perhaps abduction to best explanation (excuse me – my reviewing is bleeding through) – but Curt Rice also tweeted in this piece suggesting academia is like a fraternity.

Just so tribal, Like David Hull suggested.

But, also, that divide between the tenured and the pretenders suggests Peter Turchin’s analysis of overproduction of elites. That bimodal distributions of haves and wants are suggested in the Tenured and the Adjuncts.

Perhaps, rather, the twilight…


*In my life prior to Academia, I worked in a place that, well, looked like office space. Not quite as soul sucking, though. And, I managed to commute against traffic….

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