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Calooo Calay, what a happy day!

November 26, 2013

Look at this Beayuoootifol  graph from the “multiple labs reproduction projects”, from the reproducibility project. (OK, you have to click through to view it)

Take 13 interesting results. See if we can reproduce them across multiple labs.

10 did most definitely. One is borderline. Two did not.

Isn’t it great? So proud of fellow psychologists! (Note, I have absolutely nothing to do with this. I’m just totally BIRGing*. Has BIRGing been replicated btw?)

Ed Yong wrote it up.


I gather Daniel Lakens have accepted the manuscript for publication. Yay for psychology!

As a brief reminder (prompted by my buddy Andrew) – replication is nice, but theory is also needed. (Another reason to link in both Andrew and Denny Borsboom on our OSC blog).

I think I should also put in a link here for Etienne Le Bel’s and Christopher Wilbur’s replication attempt of heavy secrets on steep hills. A non-replication this time. (Alas, behind paywall). Original journal did not adhere to Sanjay Srivastava’s proposed “pottery barn rule“. We will remain mum about some of the reasons.

I think this is also a good time to go visit Rolf Zwaan’s blog again. He wrote about Etienne’s replication attempt, prior to its publication, and I think it is illuminating.

Also, a good reminder of Greg Francis’ stance – the fact that someone else cannot replicate a piece of research should not reflect on the original researcher. We are in a messy field. Not everything will pan out. We are testing theories, not people.

*Basking In Reflected Glory, for those not initiated. Kinda like the moon.

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