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Science problems made Cracked. Will it jump the shark next.

January 21, 2014

Science made Cracked, and Not In A good Way.

Six Chocking Studies that show that Science is Totally Broken.*

The headlines of the six:

#6. A Shocking Amount of Medical Research Is Complete Bullshit
#5. Many Scientists Still Don’t Understand Math
#4. … And They Don’t Understand Statistics, Either
#3. Scientists Have Nearly Unlimited Room to Manipulate Data
#2. The Science Community Still Won’t Listen to Women
#1. It’s All About the Money
Of course, anybody reading here knows about these problems, and have for a long time. But this just shows how urgent it is to not ignore the damned problems!
I’m saying three words first:
Tax payer funded.
And then one more:





*(Prove. They wrote Prove.  I cannot do that when you are not doing maths. They show, demonstrate, illustrate, ups the confidence, is consistent with, gah. Pass the Smelling salt)  OK, as you were. I’m sure some smartass will comment that it is just fine saying prove.)



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