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Social Psychology Replication – Special Issue.

May 20, 2014

The first time I met Daniël Lakens, he and Brian Nosek were working on a special issue in Social Psychology, calling for registered replication of well-known, highly cited studies.

It is now out! 15 articles of attempts to replicate with, let us say, mixed results.

I’m linking in the PDF as they posted it on the OSF framework, so you get both the text, and more exposure to the framework for your future collaboration efforts!

Some people, Science reports, don’t like being replicated, at least when the results are different. I’m thinking, once things are out there in the record, work really is up for being replicated or questioned. I thought that was the point! Maybe, once this is done more regularly, people adapt and won’t go all drama. Exposure therapy, I believe, have evidence on its side.

Chris Chambers, who has long been at the forefront of the call for registered reports (and implemented it at Cortex) has a more uniformly positive of the practice here.

I have done a first skim-through, and clearly, clearly we need to put a lot more effort into replicating results, march slower, be careful with what we accept.




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