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Two critiques, and a faith restorer

January 30, 2015

I wanted to share links to some recent blog posts that I thought were interesting. The first is by Scott Atran (who researches terrorism) posting on Peter Turchin’s Social Evolution forum. Scott recently had a commentary up in Nature discussing how difficult it is to even get permission to study terrorism (in part due to ethics committees being set up to protect middle-class students, as he claims). The post is an interesting discussion on research on humans, past and present (and much of psychology is, of course, research on humans). Scott Atran. Psychology, anthropology and a science of human beings/

The Faith restorer is from Michael McCulloughs “Social Science Evolving” blog, where he discusses a p-curve exercise that he used in one of his classes. He had his students setting up teams, and then select a literature for which they did p-curve analysis. For all 10 topics, the data showed evidentiary value! It sounds like such a good project for students to do, and make me feel a bit better this day of numerate chickens.

I thought of that blog as a temperate response to this post on the Error Statistics Philosophy blog.

I think her critique is fair. But, there is evidence among the less charismatic of areas in social psychology.

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