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Bully for you, Chilly for me: Scientific fame

November 29, 2016

...not that kind of psychologist

Perspectives on Psychological Science published an invited symposium on eminence in psychology, which starts with Robert Sternberg’s Introductory article called “Am I famous yet? Judging Scholarly Merit in Psychological Science: An Introduction ”*

As Bobbie Spellman pointed out on facebook – Only One Woman. Guess what topic?

Sure, judging scholarly merit is an interesting question (Meehl discussed it in his recorded last lecture series – along with its problems), and inquiring into why some individuals are considered eminent in a field, and others not is certainly a legitimate area of research both in psychology and sociology (not to speak of history).

But, the question – and the answers – seem ill posed. Science is about ideas. It is about advancing knowledge. It is created by people, but most likely not by individuals, and they seem to be looking for a way of discovering the feature of individuals that can predict…

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